History of Faith Presbyterian

Faith Presbyterian Church of Valley Village has been a reflection of Christ’s love and saving grace in the North Hollywood, the Valley Village,  and the San Fernando Valley communities for over 75 years, first as North Hollywood Presbyterian Church, then as First Presbyterian Church of North Hollywood, and most recently as Faith Presbyterian Church of Valley Village. The following is a brief synopsis of our church’s history.


In early 1940, a Reverend Davis was tasked by the presbytery to gage interest in a new church plant in the North Hollywood area, and shortly began the preliminary organization. In On May 19th of the same year, Rev. Myron Nichols was called by the Presbytery to continue Rev. Davis’ work and began speaking to prospective members. His work bore fruit two months later on July 14th when 57 people gathered at the El Rancho Nursery School at 11210 Moorpark St to sign the charter for North Hollywood Presbyterian Church (62 members after absentees were counted). Ten days later, Rev. Nichols was unanimously elected the first Called Pastor.


In September 1940 the church bought their first property at the corner of Riverside Drive and Westpark, with the intention of building a church once they had raised enough money. This never came to fruition, and the property was eventually sold, due to war restrictions after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.


In August 1944, the current property was purchased at the corner of Addison and Colfax and was eventually built on when, almost exactly three years later, the congregation moved into the Chapel and Fellowship Hall we still use today.


Building on the property continued when Westminster Hall (later renamed Caldwell Hall) was built and finally dedicated in April of 1952. The congregation voted to change the name of the church to “First Presbyterian Church of North Hollywood” in January of 1953, to represent in a more visible way how the church had changed since its humble beginnings. The Christian Education Building was next to be built in 1956, and then the final, and most controversial, piece of the campus was finished in September of 1962, when the new Sanctuary was opened to the public.


A large portion of the congregation did not feel that building a Sanctuary was necessary and decided to leave the church. As a result, over the following year we went from a membership of 1,019 (and our fifth consecutive year at over 1,000 members ) to 736. Over the next eleven years  membership dropped a further 500 members, bringing us down to 236 (which would continue to drop into the present day in our and most other churches).


In January 1994 the Northridge Earthquake dealt a huge blow to the remaining congregation when the Sanctuary was irreparably damaged and forced to be torn down that November. Over the following years the church was forced to sell off the adjacent parking lot and eventually build over the previous site of the sanctuary with the present parking lot.


Over the following years, many plans were made to build a new sanctuary on various parts of the campus, with ideas ranging from building where the old Sanctuary stood to demolishing the old Nursery building (present Montessori School) and Fireside room to build a new sanctuary in their place. Eventually it was decided to hold off building a new sanctuary until the congregation was large enough to support the building.


On Sunday, April 18, 2010, the Rev. Richard W. Poole preached his first sermon as pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church. He was officially installed on Sunday, June 20, 2010, Fathers Day.


Pastor Rich is a native Californian, received his B.S. in Geology and Religious Studies from the College of Wooster, and earned his M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He is the proud and loving father of four young sons, and loving husband to his wife Jane.


In July of 2015, and throughout that year, the church celebrated its 75th Anniversary since the signing of the charter.







About Faith



Seventy-Eight Years of Leadership


Rev. Myron Nichols:

    1940 – 1943

Rev. Samuel Callen *:

    1943 – 1944

Rev. John Shearer:

    1944 – 1951

Rev. Dr. Stewart P. MacLennan*:


Rev. Leon Stewart *:


Rev. Dr. Edward J. Caldwell:

    1951 – 1965

Rev. Thomas C. Strangeway †:

    1965 – 1966

Rev. Paul Aijian PhD.:

    1966 – 1981

Rev. David M. Watson *:

    1981 – 1983

Rev. Gordon McInnes *:


Rev. Max Perrow *:

    1983 – 1984

Rev. John R. Moody:

    1984 – 1995

Rev. Michael J. Roffina *:

    1995 – 1996

Rev. G. Daniel Clark:

    1996 – 2005

Rev. Dr. Kim Strutt *:

    2006 – 2010

Rev. Richard W. Poole:

    2010 – Present

* = Interim Pastor

† = Stated Supply Pastor




Faith Pres is a member congregation of the national Presbyterian Church (USA).


We are also part of the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii, and member of the Presbytery of San Fernando.


5000 Colfax Avenue

Valley Village, CA 91601

(818) 766-8103







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