About Us

Our congregation is made up of a diverse cross-section of our great city, from artists to teachers, from accountants to gardeners, people of all ages, types, and walks of life. If you think church is only for “certain people”, you haven’t seen our church!


We are a member of The Presbyterian Church (USA), a national denomination of some 2.3 million members. We are a part of an association of 32 Presbyterian churches in the northwest corner of Los Angeles County known as the Presbytery of San Fernando. Along with our sister churches, we are a mission center reaching out to a diverse and rapidly changing community and world.

We are Christians who:

  • Believe in God as Creator, Redeemer, and Comforter in our lives.
  • Rely on Scripture for authoritative guidance in faith and living.
  • Trust in God’s loving rule over the world.
  • Are governed by elected leaders called Elders (Presbyters).
  • Recognize other denominations as partner branches in Christ’s Church.

Learn more about Presbyterian beliefs here.